Please read carefully before upgrading to P5 Version 5.5!

32-Bit support has been discontinued for P5 Version 5.5. The new version is compatible with 64-Bit operating systems only.

Backup to the Cloud

Cloud storage is a cost-effective and easily-expandable alternative for businesses, which saves hardware and administration cost.

For quick backup, restore and improved accessibility, Archiware P5 version 5.5 provides a new feature allowing users to back up data to the cloud. In addition to disk and tape, the P5 Backup module now offers "Cloud Storage" as an option for the backup target (see screenshot below).

The cloud service is easily configured in the P5 Backup module. A volume pool is created to which the selected service is attached. To monitor storage use, the P5 Backup Overview indicates the available storage under "Pool Usage" (see screenshot below).

Supported cloud integrations include Amazon S3, Amazon Glacier, Generic S3 and Backblaze.

Screenshot Backup to the Cloud

Cloud storage as target option and pool usage in P5 Backup

Extended Cloud Support for P5 Archive

In P5 version 5.4, Archiware introduced the cloud as a new archive target. Archiware P5 version 5.5 now extends cloud support for P5 Archive to Amazon Glacier, Generic S3 and Backblaze.

These integrations are additions to the already supported Amazon S3 cloud service. As of version 5.5, the P5 Archive Cloud Enabler is included as part of P5 Archive. A separate expansion is no longer required.

Archive Using Pool or Object Format

Version 5.5 of P5 Archive provides the choice between two archiving modes: the Pool Format and Object Format.

The Pool Format includes all the familiar, powerful features of P5 (cloning, migration, etc.). This standard procedure assigns archived data to a Pool consisting of a flexible number of Volumes, e.g. a pool of data from 2016 comprising a range of LTO6 tapes (Volumes). The organization and bundling of data into Pools and Volumes creates manageable entities. These can be subjected to the same operational procedures, such as the cloning of Volumes for increased data security or migration of data to a different storage location.

In the Pool Format, data is exclusively restored through P5. Supported storage formats include tape, disk and the cloud.

The Object Format allows single-file access without P5 and share-ability for cooperative workflows. In this format, archived data are stored as individual objects (Files). This mode provides applications and users the option of directly accessing and restoring data archived to the cloud without P5. To enable direct data access, P5 stores data in its original format in the cloud. The link-addresses required for external access are logged by P5. This storage format is only supported in the cloud (Amazon S3, Backblaze, Generic S3).

Client-to-Client Sync

To speed up data transfer between two P5 client machines, Archiware P5 version 5.5 now offers a Client-to-Client sync option for P5 Synchronize. By configuring a synchronize plan on the P5 server, data can easily be replicated between clients (see screenshot below).

The added flexibility eliminates the need for server involvement during data transfer. The main server load is alleviated and intermediate storage is no longer required. To use the Client-to-Client sync option, a separate server agent license is required for each client.

Screenshot P5 Synchronize 5.5 Client-to-Client Sync

Overview of Client-to-Client sync option in P5 Synchronize

Automatic Backup of Archive Indexes

As of Archiware P5 version 5.5, Archive Indexes in the Archive module are automatically backed up at regular intervals. To back up indexes, a P5 client is selected in the Archive Index as a target.

After configuration, Archive Indexes are copied daily to the selected location on the client. The user determines the time at which each index is backed up. For a successful backup, a P5 client license is required.

CLI Features / P5 Interface / OS Support

New features in the CLI include post-archive preview and clip handling, as well as automatic identification and sorting of cloned volume sets. This saves time and simplifies the modification and handling of volumes and assets.

In the P5 user interface, version 5.5 now enables users to grant operating privileges and assign separate passwords to selected individuals (see screenshot below).

Privileged users can access specific data, exchange library media, start/stop backup jobs and label/unload tapes. This optimizes the management of data by specific groups.

For Backup and Archive to the cloud, supported Operating Systems include macOS X, Windows, FreeBSD, Linux and Synology.

Screenshot User Privileges P5 Version 5.5

Selection of user role and operating privileges in the P5 interface

P5 Synchronize - Throughput Tuning with parallel file transfers

In addition to the new delete modes, P5 Synchronize Version 5.6 now offers faster synchronisation by employing multiple simultaneous transfers between source and target directories. This can help achieve faster overall copy speeds by reducing the effect of both disk and network bottlenecks in the data path. Between 1 and 4 parallel transfers can be selected in the Sync plans 'Experimental Features' tab.

Single file transfer (default): Files are transferred sequentially from source to destination. Benefit: less system load.

Multiple file transfer: Multiple files are simultaneously transferred from the source to the destination. Benefit: Significant increase in throughput when very fast disk subsystems such as Solid State Drives (SSD) are used. Helps fully utilising WAN connections by reducing the effect latency has on the overall speed of the transfer.

5.6 Sync Parallel

Selection of number of parallel file transfers in P5 Synchronize

P5 Synchronize - Restore from Sync

The restore tab of the P5 admin interface now includes 'Synchronize', in addition to Backup, Backup2Go and Archive. This provides 'live' browsing of the folders that P5 Synchronize plans are writing data to. All target folders are available, each providing a live file browser, enabling view and selection

from the data stored at those locations. Once selected, a 'Sync To' button provides instant 'restore' of previously replicated data to another location of your choosing. 

5.6 Sync Restore

Selection of destination for restore from Sync in P5 Synchronize

P5 Synchronize - Manual Sync

P5 Synchronize Version 5.6 allows for ad-hoc replication of data via a new 'Manual Sync' option within the Sync plan configuration. Manual Sync prompts for a source and destination folder and performs the copy without

having to configure a plan. Jobs run to completion and can be monitored in the job monitor. A simple tool for administrators wishing to copy data between hosts quickly and effectively.

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