License Registration - Expansion

How to register an expansion license

After logging into the Archiware Portal, select “License Registration” from the service menu.

How to - Expanding Installation 1

Click “Expand installation” from the top of the License Registration menu.

How to - Expanding Installation 2

To select the installation you want to expand, either:


Option A: Choose from the Host list


Option B: if you know the Host-ID and Serial Number of the installation, you may search for it directly

How to - Expanding Installation 3

After selecting an installation, you will be prompted to enter the Serial number and Validation code for the new product you are adding to your installation. Enter this information, and then click „Add to registration cart“ to continue. If you have multiple serial numbers to register, you will have the chance to enter them on the next screen before proceeding.

How to - Expanding Installation 4

After entering all serial numbers and validation codes, click “Next step” to complete the process.

How to - Expanding Installation 5

Fill in the details for Reseller Information and the requested installation information. Please agree to the terms and conditions before you click “Send Registration” and complete the registration.

How to - Expanding Installation 6