Release Notes for WingFS Version 2.0

Build 83

1. OSX versions 10.6, 10.7 and 10.8 are not supported any more, but it still does work under OSX 10.8.
2. Added support for macOS High Sierra (10.13).
3. Added new Amazon S3 endpoints (Paris, Osaka, China).
4. Added credentials checking for Generic S3.
5. Fixed the authentication problems with OnDrive and Dropbox.
6. Updated Dropbox API to version 2.0.
7. Updated FUSE for macOS to the newest version (3.7.1).

Build 82

1. Added support for ports other than 80 and 443 for WebDAV.
2. Added mounting sub-directory feature for FTP and WebDAV.
3. Fixed a newly appeared bug in SFTP.
4. Fixed a possible termination bug.
5. Updated FUSE for macOS to the newest version (3.5.4).

Build 81

1. Added support for macOS Sierra (10.12).
2. Enhanced the performance of traversing directories for Google Drive.
3. Enhanced proxy auto-detection.
4. Better error handling and error logging.
5. Updated FUSE for macOS to the newest version (3.5.3).

Build 80

1. Support creating buckets in the new Amazon S3 endpoints (Mumbai, Seoul).
2. Fixed a bug in the refactored and enhanced FTP/SFTP code which caused WingFS mounts to hang.
3. Re-fixed the bug of multiple entries in the favorite list in the Finder on OSX 10.11 once and for all.

Build 79

1. Support the new Amazon Authentication Protocol Version 4.
2. Support new Amazon S3 endpoints (Frankfurt, Mumbai, Seoul).
3. Enhanced the overall performance and especially for multiple mounted services.
4. Fixed the bug of multiple entries in the favorite list in the Finder on OSX 10.11.

Build 78

1. Fixed newly appeared bug when getting authorization code for OneDrive.
2. Added a new option that enables overriding the locking mechanism always so that multiple WingFS instances can write into the same mounted service.

Build 77

1. Fixed a bug when synchronizing large number of files using P5-Sync.
2. Fixed setting proxy configuration.

Build 76

1. Enchanced the performance of synchronization using P5-Sync.
2. Fixed a bug in Google Drive upload.
3. Fixed a bug in Muti-Part upload functionality.
4. Updated OSXFUSE to the newest version (2.8.3).

Build 75

1. Updated OSXFUSE to the newest version (2.8.2). It has bug fixes for OSX Finder 10.9 and for 10.11.

Build 74

1. Fixed freeing temporary file space bug when using P5-Sync.

Build 73

1. Fixed authentication error when adding Google Drive and other services.
2. Updated runtime-libraries.

Build 72

1. Added support for OSX El Capitan (10.11).
2. Updated OSXFUSE to the newest version (2.8.1).

Build 71

1. Minor bug fix for Amazon S3 when the ignoring DS_Store and Spotlight files.

Build 70

1. Major bug fix for Google Drive when the modifying files through an editor.
2. Minor GUI enhancements.
3. Enhanced Mime-Type recognition when uploading a file.
4. Fixed a minor bug when renaming an entry in the cache module.

Build 69

1. Major bug fixes for SFTP when the mounted directory is not the home directory.
2. Fixed handling single quote and double quotes in file/directory names in SFTP.

Build 68

1. Updated the Google Drive implementation to get dirctory contents only on demand
2. Added Multi-Part upload functionality for large file to Google Drive

Build 67

1. Full UTF8 support for Swift protocol cloud services (OpenStack, HP Helion, and Rackspace)
2. Fixed renaming directory issue in Swift protocol implementation
3. Minor GUI enhancement

Build 66

1. Full UTF8 support on the server side of Google Drive, OneDrive, and box cloud services.
2. Fixed cache handling for OneDrive cloud service.
3. Fixed the bug of not returning any error when permission is denied for FTP and SFTP protocols.
4. WingFS can now mount cloud services as root so that it will stay running after logout.
5. "DS_Store" and "Spotlight" files are deleted automatically on the server side.

Build 65

1. Fixed downloading update file bug under OSX 10.10.3
2. GUI Verbesserungen

Build 64

1. Reverted to Amazon authentication protocol version 2 since version 4 implementation was working sporadically.

Build 63

1. Fully UTF8 support for file and directory's names; even for Japanese and other Asian languages.
2. Fixed Dropbox upload and download functionality.
3. Fixed minor caching bug.
4. Fixed loading Google authentication web page under OSX 10.10.3.
5. Enabled GUI localization.
6. Added Japanese localization.

Build 62

1. Used the new Amazon Authentication Protocol version 4. WingFS works now with Frankfurt buckets.
2. Fixed a bug when renaming directories.
3. Added birth time to file/directory attributes under Mac OSX.
4. Fixed uploading files to box cloud service.
5. Fixed many other minor bugs.

Build 61

1. Updated OSXFUSE Kernel Module.
2. Major bug fixes when handling cached files.
3. Fixed 417 error code when using WebDAV with lighthttpd.
4. Fixed download for Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and box services.
5. Fixed minor bug when moving a directory into other directory that contains a directory with the same name.

Build 60

1. Fixed FTP bug when using Synology NAS