Archive and Restore from macOS Finder

The P5 Archive App is a revolutionary tool that makes Archiving a one-click job – it could not be easier! An add-on to P5 Archive, the App that lets you archive and restore files, folders and Final Cut Pro X libraries – including all external media – directly from the Finder.

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P5 Archive App

Archive and restore directly from the macOS Finder via right-click. See metadata and previews at the original location.

Features of the P5 Archive App

Archiving via right-click from the Finder: context menu “Archive to P5”

  • Selection of single or multiple files and folders.
  • Optional: metadata entry during archiving.
  • Archiving of Final Cut Pro X libraries including external media.
  • Temporary files created by FCP X can optionally be excluded from being archived in order to only archive relevant files.

Restore via right-click from the Finder: context menu “Restore from P5”

  • Selection of single or multiple files and folders.
  • Restore of Final Cut Pro X libraries including external media.
  • Search/browse/restore also from the P5 Archive browser catalogue.
Screenshot Archive App full menu

”.p5a” link files

  • After successful archiving, original files are deleted from the source location and replaced by an archive link file with same file name and the suffix ”.p5a”.
  • A double-click on the file opens a preview window including metadata and image/video preview (if available).
  • Item metadata can be viewed or changed in the preview window.
  • Files can be restored from the preview window just like from the Finder.
  • If ”.p5a” files are moved, original files will be restored to the new location.


  • All archiving and restore jobs started from the local machine will be listed in the monitoring window of the P5 Archive App.

General Features

  • Settings for the P5 Archive app can be managed with all established client management tools (OS X Profile Manager, munki, Casper, etc.).
  • Current version runs on OS X only.

FCP X Integration

  • Export complete Final Cut Pro X Libraries from within Final Cut Pro using a shared destination.
  • Include metadata for all clips within the library
  • Select all or a subset of these metadata to be stored in P5 Archive
  • Search for media inside P5 Archive by searching for their Final Cut Pro metadata
Screenshot FCPX10.3 - Shared destination

The P5 Archive App as a shared destination in FCP X 10.3

Screenshot FCPX 10.3 Process Monitor

The P5 Archive App job monitor started after archiving from FCP X 10.3

Please note: Running the P5 Archive App requires Archiware P5 Archive version 5.3!

Find out more about the P5 Archive App in the detailed introduction video: