New in Version 6.0

Teaser Version 6.0 - MMSL

Media Management & Storage License

Double Disk and Cloud Storage


For all customers who need more storage space, the update to version 6 doubles the disk and cloud storage limits. E.g. a 25 MMSL bundle used to provide 100TB of disk or cloud storage.


With P5 version 6, the same license now provides 200TB. Existing installations will have access to additional storage after upgrading.

Teaser Version 6.0 - GUI

Modernised UI Design

The P5 web administration interface benefits from a more modern look and feel.

Teaser Version 6.0 - HTTPS

HTTPS for a Secure Browser GUI

The web admin interface can now use either http or https for added security.


Remote administration of P5 via a public network can now be secured through the use of SSL certificates. 

Teaser Version 6.0 - Group Administration

Group Administration

P5 version 6 enables access grants to specific P5 client paths for archive and restore. New 'Groups' allow configuration of paths on different P5 client machines, locations from which data will be archived or restored.


This first allows P5 to identify the location of data archived from workstations using the new P5 Companion app. It is also used to grant access to restore locations. P5 Users are added to these groups to allow them to archive.

Teaser Version 6.0 - Disk & Cloud Storage Configuration

Disk and Cloud Storage Configuration

Greater Flexibility in Configuration of Disk and Cloud Storage


Configured disk/cloud storage no longer consumes storage licenses (MMSL) until it is being used. When adding disk and cloud storage, only volumes onto which data has been written to are taken into account for licensing purposes. E.g. previously, allocating 100TB of disk storage by creating pools and volumes would consume storage licenses, even before any data is written.


With version 6, volumes only consume storage licenses when data is first written to them.


In addition, setup of cloud storage is simplified, with 100TB of cloud storage configured by default.

 Teaser Version 6.0 - Wasabi Cloud Storage

Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage

Direct Support for Wasabi Hot Cloud Storage


Previously available using the 'Generic S3' storage type, access to Wasabi storage is now built-in to P5. Manual configuration of the Wasabi end-point DNS names is no longer needed.

 Teaser Version 6.0 - Cloud Storage Classes

Cloud Object Storage Classes

New cloud object storage classes supported from different object storage service providers:


  • Amazon S3: S3 Standard, S3 Intelligent-Tiering, S3 Standard-IA, S3 One Zone-IA
  • Amazon Glacier: Standard, Deep Archive
  • Google: Standard, Nearline, Coldline
  • Microsoft Azure: Standard Hot, Cool
Teaser Version 6.0 - FreeBSD

Re-Introduction of P5 Server on FreeBSD

FreeBSD support was restricted to P5 client installations in previous versions. With version 6, full support is reintroduced.


This allows some interesting deployment options for P5 where FreeBSD with ZFS is used as a storage appliance, e.g. FreeNAS.

P5 Logo Version 6.0
P5 Suite Download

Request a trial license within the software for a fully featured 30-day free test of all modules with your existing infrastructure.

Planned Features

P5 version 6.1:

  • Native LTFS for archiving


P5 version 6.2:

  • True incremental cloud backup (everlasting incremental backup)


P5 version 6.3:

  • Storage tiering and policies
  • Data migration between storage volumes (disk, tape, cloud)

All announcements are subject to alterations.

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