P5 License registration - New Installation

How to register a P5 license for a new installation

After logging in to the Archiware Portal, select “P5 License Registration” from the service menu.

Screenshot: How to - New License 1

Next, select “New installation” from the menu.

How to - New License 2

Enter your host-ID into the blank text field and click “Next step”. If you do not know your host-ID, follow the help link which shows you how to find it.

How to - New License 3

Enter the serial number and validation code provided to you, then click “Add to registration cart”.

How to - New License 4

If you have multiple serial numbers to enter, you will be able to add these to the registration cart in the next screen before clicking "Next Step" to complete the process.

How to - New License 5

Fill out all yellow marked fields (the details for reseller information and the requested installation information). Please agree to the terms and conditions before you click “Send registration” and complete the registration.

How to - New License 6

The license registration request will be processed as soon as possible. The license key(s) will follow in a separate e-mail once registration is processed. If needed, a trial license can be requested in the meantime.