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Release notes for Archiware P5 version 5.6

Version 5.6.1 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed issues when logging-in as root into the GUI.
  • Fixed special characters handling in Sync from Helios (possibly also Xinet) fileserver volumes.
  • Introduced new network throttle implementation.
  • Fixed multi-part upload (1GB+ files) for AWS cloud.
  • Fixed auto-start on boot for Linux Ubuntu 18+ version.
  • Fixed Sync job handling that caused jobs to stick in the job queue until inspected by the GUI.
Version 5.6 released.

For new features, please refer to the 5.6 Features List.

Release notes for Archiware P5 version 5.5

Version 5.5.6 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed device handling for incremental backups that caused unnecessary full backups sometimes.
  • Added log about used archive index offset to aid support.
  • Fixed snapshot purge for backup that caused far too many snapshots to be held online.
  • Fixed treatment of user preference records with embedded blanks.
  • Fixed edge case where we could delete the volume chunk from the cloud that is not cloned locally.
Version 5.5.5 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed handling for BackBlaze file deletions.
  • Fixed core when backing up B2Go repository.
  • Fixed import of volumes.
  • Fixed preview generation that got broken with the recent fixes in 5.5.4 w.r.t file uploads
  • Fixed reading resource fork on Windows after being broken by Windows security update.
Version 5.5.4 released. Changes since last release:
  • Improved file upload/download to/from clients. Uses timed non-blocking transfer with regular http post/get sequence. Previous behaviour resulted in partial transfers on heavily loaded MT-machines. Transfer is still limited to 2GB.
  • Suppressed creation of void database files outside the config directory (Bug #778, #775).
  • Added object store volume cleanup job at the end of executing a backup/archive job.
  • Fixed handling of bonded file-systems for backup.
  • Fixed race condition for CLI jobs that reported completed state before actually started by the scheduler thread (Bug #776).
  • Added a checksum to P5 exe on Windows to accomodate the Tandberg RDX Access Control client and the ransom blocker.
  • Fixed file-events handling on Mac to cope with last-reported-event of zero which may result in irregular overflow errors.
  • Changed ID's of the objects stored on object stores to look like paths so implementations may optimize.
Version 5.5.3 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed QNAP creation of folders from the GUI file selector.
  • Fixed case when two or more archive jobs work on the partially overlapping directory structures that have never been archived before (Bug #684/#753).
  • Fixed ctime disable setup in config file (Bug #731).
  • Fixed Backup2Go restore on Windows clients (Bug #741/#742).
  • Fixed media changer internal error when attempting to mount subsequent volume(s) (Bug #751).
  • Fixed volume regeneration in disk media changer (Bug #756).
  • Fixed CLI to properly check username for socket conns (Bug #757).
  • Fixed CLI inventory commands that were not reporting entry handles at all after update to V5.5 (Bug #759/#764).
  • Fixed file-events sync that was causing too much directories to be reported as changed.
  • Fixed cases where we hit locked database on various index ops.
  • Added basic support for new Apple APFS filesystem (FR #744).
Version 5.5.2 released. Changes since last release:
  • Added LTO-8 to the list of supported tape drives.
  • Added separate config file options for testing inode change time for backup and archive jobs and combined.
  • Fixed client2client sync that occasionally left the synced files on the server machine.
  • Fixed stop signal for archive/backup jobs to correctly propagate to object store up/downloaders.
  • Fixed B2Go encryption backup for (at least) Mac clients.
  • Fixed object store up/downloaders on Synology devices that were occasionally stalled on an unknown file descriptor.
  • Fixed access to Manual Archiving for non-privileged users who are granted archiving privilege.
Version 5.5.1 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed treatment of user-defined meta keys for archive indexes which contain interpunction characters (Bug#701).
  • Fixed volume-chunk deletion during volume re-label (Bug#702).
  • Added option to configure time checking separately for archive and backup incremental operations (FR#706).
  • Fixed bad connection test for Generic S3 cloud services. Also, reduced timeout on connection problems from five to one minute, as not to block GUI for too long (Bug#708).
  • Fixed some minor compatibility issues in generic S3 object store connector.
  • Improved remote agent login handling for delegated syncs.
  • Fixed occasions where regular blockpool teardown might be interpreted as error, effectively making valid jobs to fail.
  • Fixed occasional index corruption happening after some index maintenance tasks.
  • Added cloud wizard in the GUI.
  • Fixed occasional communication issues in Sync jobs when transferring very small checksum difference file(s).
  • Honour job stop signals within volume chunk uploads.
  • Fixed B2Go encryption handling for backup.
  • Fixed job monitor issues where a cascade of running jobs may miss the top-level job slot for progress/cancel.
Version 5.5 released.

For new features, please refer to the 5.5 Features List.

Release notes for Archiware P5 version 5.4

Version 5.4.4 released. Changes since last release:
  • Updated CLI with [Workstation name] command, that when executed on the workstation, will return its name/ID assigned on the server (FR#34).
  • Updated CLI [Volume location] to show info about the slot if the volume is found to be in a media changer (FR#570).
  • Fixed wire-protocol error when restoring multi-volume job to remote clients (Bug#645.
  • Fixed volume usetime and usecount during tape recycle (Bug#641).
  • Fixed job result after restore job ran in error (Bug#632).
  • Fixed B2Go file deletion of files containing special escaped characters, that left the file hanging in repository (Bug#628).
  • Suppresses CLI Archive jobs with empty archive selection. The submit command will simply return error (Bug#626).
  • Fixed README1st.txt in Windows distribution (Bug#625).
  • Fixed incremental backup that turned to full after device ID changes (Bug#621).
  • Set configuration database file to be read by root only (Bug#614).
  • Fixed automatic B2Go workstation upgrade (Bug#613).
  • Fixed cases where verify after archive required additional media volumes that were not used by the job (Bug#610).
  • Fixed Sync job failure when syncing to Helios Volumes with cycles set (Bug#600).
  • Fixed nsdchat to recognize URL-encoding in awsock/awfile targets, as to be able to pass "@" (and perhaps other special characters) in user/password fields (Bug#599).
  • Fixed incremental backup for re-mounted Volumes (Bug#589).
  • Changed shell-scripts to include "P5" product name (Bug#563).
  • Fixed processing of "restore-to" parameter in RestoreSelection addentry CLI command (Bug#492).
  • CLI commands for BackupPlan start/stop are now no-ops.
  • Fixed BTRFS snapshot creation when target directory is on a subvolume (FR#652).
  • Fixed CLI Job status command that may return wrong results due to timing issues (Bug#658).
Version 5.4.3 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed switching of snapshots w.r.t. GUI browser position.
  • Added [ArchivePlan incrlevel] CLI command.
  • Added [Pool enable|enabled|disable|disabled] CLI commands.
  • During restore, recognize admin users as privileged.
  • Added cli::index::fixmedia index utility command.
  • Fixed server-restore of B2Go workstation data.
  • Improved cancellation of cloud archive jobs.
  • Fixed excessive CPU usage for cloud archive jobs.
  • Fixed encrypted-data backup/archive from clients.
  • Fixed volume migration and synthetic backup.
Version 5.4.2 released. Changes since last release:
  • Improved object store up/download handling by reducing log calculation frequency and thread creation/teardown.
  • Fixed sole-file CLI restores in the compatibility mode.
  • Produce better error log when trying to restore encrypted files to client w/o correct encryption key set.
  • Fixed incremental archive for object store archives.
  • Filter out .zfs directory from being operated on.
  • Skip disabled and/or P4 archive indexes from the object store usage calculation.
  • Fixed call to Windows user-defined preview scripts.
  • Fixed preview generation for some oddly named files.
  • Fixed restore to remote clients when hitting the filemark.
Version 5.4.1 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed broken Sparc/64bit port.
  • Skip auto-update for clients that are servers themselves.
  • Fixed indexer error when adding cloned address records.
  • Fixed rare media-block formatting error for checksum trailers.
Version 5.4 released.

For new features, please refer to the 5.4 Features List.

Release notes for Archiware P5 version 5.3

Version 5.3.4 released. Changes since last release:
  • Improved handling of hierarchically mounted filesystems during restore.
  • Improved interaction with FreeBSD CAM system.
  • Fixed crashes related to media changer heartbeat thread when running on FreeBSD hosts.
  • Fixed erroneously setting old volume to suspect after recycling.
Version 5.3.3 released. Changes since last release:
  • Added support for Synology DSM platform
  • Workaround for Overland NEO drive serial number reporting while querying the library for element status.
  • Corrected time stamp on restored and synced folders on Windows 64-bit.
  • CLI now reports all jobs that were either scheduled, started or running as "terminated" if the server was pulled down or crashed during the operation. (Bug #458)
  • Fixed index behaviour for directories that lost their address record somehow (perhaps during volume deletions). (Bug #444)
  • Fixed server crash during verify runs on archive if the client encryption was turned on. (Bug #447)
  • Fixed "invalid-id-to-filename" errors when restoring to clients if the client encryption was turned on. (Bug #457)
  • Fixed backup of empty top level directories. (Bug #462)
  • Fixed nsdchat utility interactive mode not to block on "exit" command. (Bug #121)
  • Fixed index handling when 2 Full backup jobs operate on same directory structure and are executing "near" each other, timewise. (Bug #464).
  • Fixed sync in update mode when remote file versions are enabled and source contains hard-linked files. (Bug #421)
  • Added cli::index::prunedirs method to clear the index from empty directories not found on any known volummes or ones created as helping stepstones for maintaning tree integrity.
  • Fixed delete-stamp of files in the index that have been deleted on the filesystem to match the backup time of the increment run that found them missing. (Bug #474)
  • Fixed expression for locating changed files for incr Archives. (Bug #471)
  • Improved index re-page routine to backup the live DB file before the attempt to re-page and/or filter the records.
  • Added option to set port 587 with default TLS protocol for mail delivery. The port 465 is reserved for the SSL.
  • Fixed incremental archive for directories that have been moved or renamed in the index.
Version 5.3.2 released. Changes since last release:
  • CLI restores now corectly select the right timed-instance of the file at the given path.
  • Fixed situations in Archive index when same paths are being moved and re-archived again.
  • Fixed mail delivery to better handle various security-related mailer setups.
  • Fixed finder-info restores on Xinet volumes when files are being relocated into completely empty directories.
  • Fixed handling of parametrized preview and/or metadata user-defined scripts for archive jobs.
  • Fixed handling of clone volumes where we could require both the volume and its clone during the verify passes.
  • Skip generating previews where internal preview generator was implicitly disabled and the provided user-defined preview generator decied not to make previews for certain file types.
  • Fixed detection of Linux devices for high LUNs and for DDP.
  • Fixed search GUI on Windows.
  • Fixed recognition of non-Mac streams within Helios volumes.
  • Corrected test mail sending when the "New Notification" event was removed from the list of configured events.
  • Archive job inventory file is now automatically ZIP'ed if larger then some predefined value. The default size above which the file is zipped is 16MB. This can be controlled by the config option:
    ns_section ns/server/$server/module/job
    ns_param maxInventorySize 16777216
  • Removed traces of Growl from the notifier code.
  • Fixed rare race-condition in indexer for backup operation related to backups with enabled file-prescan.
Version 5.3.1 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed linking to correct binaries on new installs.
  • Uses /sys instead of /proc when looking up SCSI devices on newer Linux installs.
  • Simplified and improved GUI interface for search function in Archive and Backup indexes.
  • Fixed: 64-bit Solaris11 SCSI device access.
Version 5.3 released.

For new features, please refer to the 5.3 Features List.

Release notes for Archiware P5 version 5.2

Version 5.2.2 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed lookup selection when generating entries for root.
  • Fixed query expression when selecting/sorting nodes on backup time column.
  • Fixed sync cycle management during cycle purge.
  • Improved notifications for index saves and archive jobs. They were wronlgy reported as regular backup jobs.
  • The CLI [ArchiveSelection addfrom] now properly honours incremental setup.
  • Added new CLI [ArchiveSelection addfile] and [ArchiveSelection addfileabs] commands.
  • Recompiled Linux Sqlite package in 32bit to allow 64bit file offsets.
  • Fixed cross-platform character conversion introduced in V5.2.1 by changes for special archive restores.
  • Fixed B2Go template propagation to local workstation.
  • Fixed large-file support for V4-compatibility indexes.
  • Fixed FinderInfo issues for restores on Helios volumes when operating in 64bit mode.
  • Fixed B2Go automatic update when several workstations start updating the same time (overlap).
Version 5.2.1 released. Changes since last release:
  • Fixed remote update of older (i386) Mac OSX clients.
  • Fixed handling of volumes to backup containing blanks in their mount points.
  • Ignore previous configuration of the user-defined mail script; always use our own mail sender(s).
  • Improved browsing for archive indexes to exclude files located on unknown (recycled) volumes.
  • Fixed browsing P4 backup index.
  • Fixed changing index option in P4 backup index.
  • Fixed file version restore in P4 backup index.
  • Fixed timing problem with Firefox browser within restore option window.
  • Fixed Windows B2Go client login problem.
  • Fixed setting old volume to suspect after automatically recycling it during a running job.
  • Improved Windows installation procedure.
  • Improved volume import to allow continuation of the import in case of job error or cancellation.
  • Volume mode can now be manually re/set to Migrated.
  • Added compatibility for CLI restores to allow restoring files at the original (physical) path if no relocation was requested, as for version 5.1 and below.
  • Added log traces for per-job activation and completion callbacks.
  • Fixed restore relocation for archive jobs on Windows.
  • Fixed default hint for relocation path for archive restores in GUI.
  • Fixed id/path translation for remote archive restores.
  • Removed UUID (GUID) handling for ZFS filesystems since it resulted in occasional duplicates thus yielding two or more different file systems having the same UUID.
  • Fixed occasional crashes when restoring from archive.
Version 5.2 released.

For new features, please refer to the 5.2 Features List.

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